Tuesday, April 3, 2012   Selina And The Lost Cub: Our New Cartoon!
We worked really hard, but it's finally done! Here is our new cartoon, "Selina And The Lost Cub".

To start the process of making the story, we used pictures on square pieces of paper and a learning carpet (which is a carpet divided into a grid of 100 squares). Both classes moved the images into a straight line on the carpet to help create a story. Next, after Mr. Stepien created a script, the morning class recorded the voices and the song to accompany the cartoon. At the same time, the afternoon class used an iPad to colour the images for the cartoon. The entire process took about a week.

Throughout, we discussed how to be empathetic to others, we learned that we could work cooperatively as a group for a common outcome, we made connections between the story and our own experiences, we looked at animated works in a more critical manner, we discussed practises that would ensure our own safety and that of others, we explored different elements of drama, and we discussed using appropriate colours for a specific scene.


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